What Students Are Saying –


“I was impressed with his teaching style. The man was a inspiration and I will always be thankful for him taking the time to share his skills with me. My work will certainly improve because of his help. Wishing you and Curt only the best.”

A.R. Christensen, Tucson, AZ April 2013

“Its now a month since we had your course. In thinking back it was a great experience. You did a super job teaching – you are a natural – no kidding!”

Joerg Auer, Scottsdale, AZ April 2013

“Every sculptor struggles with getting the proportions of the horse correct, and we all know what it is to feel that something we have sculpted just isn’t right, and we can’t figure out quite why. Curt’s simple but systematic method for getting each part of the horse, large and small, correctly proportioned is an incalculably valuable advantage to any sculptor. Curt stresses in his class that we should compete only with ourselves, never with other artists — but I would not want to be a sculptor who does not have this information, while other sculptors do!

Thanks to your insight, perspective and coaching, I will be approaching my sculpture, and all sculpture, in a whole new way.

Please let me know whenever you plan to teach a workshop — I need to take all of them.”

Carol Fensholt Nierenberg, Carefree, AZ

“What a pleasure it was to be in your workshop last week!  While I hated to see the week fly by so fast, I am excited to return home and put all the lessons I learned into action.  I could not help myself, and when I awoke yesterday morning, I unpacked my supplies and started a new composition.  While you gave us so much valuable information, I was afraid that some of it would not fit into my small head, lol.”

Dennis DeAtley, November  2014