“Curt Mattson is a stickler for authenticity.  Everything he does he researches and he replicates it in its most authentic detail.  He has captured the true appearance of men and women in action.   His animals are very realistic with full body features, and he’s very creative in his subject matter.”

Mike and Lucy Lies, Wichita, Kansas  ~ Collectors

“We admired Curt’s  powerful and compelling sculptures for several years before acquiring our first, “Wild Horses, Wilder Women”.  Not only is Curt a remarkable sculptor, he’s a remarkable person.  As he tells of his inspiration for a piece, You can fell his passion for sculpting and for the American Cowboy.  “We are very fortunate to enjoy Curt’s talent and vision in the sculptures gracing our home.”

Shakir and Kathy, Scottsdale, Arizona ~ Collectors

“Curt’s art integrates his love of history and horses with his outstanding talent.”  “We have been collecting Curt’s art for many years.  His attention to detail, authenticity, artistic talent, and his overall character make his art valuable on many levels.”

Ross and Sue, Scottsdale, Arizona ~ Collectors

“Curt is not only a very talented artist but also a fascinating story teller.  From the bits, bridles, saddles and dress to the movement of the horses realism is unsurpassed.  Wether historic or contemporary everything is accurate to the time period.  The color and texture of his drawings and painting bring action to life and the rich patinas of his bronzes have brought beauty to our home.  Curt and Wendy are very down to earth wonderful people.”

Ray and Judy Taylor, Nebraska ~ Collectors

“We love the size of each edition of Curt’s work.  We appreciate the research Curt does for each sculpture and painting.  Thus, he accurately reproduces historic events and stories.  We certainly appreciate the detail in his art.”  Tim and Sandy Robinson, Casa Grande, AZ ~ Collectors

“Curt Mattson combines his sense of lighting and shadow to produce sculptures that are both painterly and historically authentic.  This detail can only come from his extraordinary research  and his knowledge of the art form.  To gaze upon a Mattson sculpture while Curt describes its’ essence is truly a unique and memorable experience.  This only enhances the ultimate privilege of being one of his collectors.”  Ken and Deanna Zylstra, Scottsdale, AZ ~ Collectors

“Curt is the real deal— and artist, a cowboy AND a gifted storyteller who brings historical accuracy and passion to each piece he creates.  No matter what the medium — bronze, charcoal, water colors or oils— he brings the West alive.”  Tom and Linda B, Glendale, AZ ~ Collectors


Grant Redden ~ Workshop 2019
Bill Lundquist ~ Weekly Classes –  2013 to 2014
Linda Glover Gooch ~ Scottsdale Artist School – Workshop 2012
Bill Lundquist ~ Scottsdale Artist School – Workshop 2011
Robert Lemler ~ Scottsdale Artist School – Workshop 2011
John Poon, OPA ~ Scottsdale Artist School – Workshop 2006
John Coleman, NSS, CA ~  Scottsdale Artist School – Workshop 2006
Pat Haptonstall, CA ~ Apprenticeship 1991 – 1995
Richard MacDonald, NSS ~ Scottsdale Artist School – Workshop 1991
Fritz White, CA ~ Scottsdale Artist School – Workshop 1990
Vladimir Medenica, M.D.A. ~ Apprenticeship 1988 -1990
Bill Nebeker, CA Herb Mignery, NSS, CA ~ Cowboy Artist of America-Workshop 1987
Grant Speed, CA ~ Cowboy Artist of America Museum – Workshop 1985
Mehl Lawson, CA ~ Apprenticeship 1984 – 1989

Professional Affiliations

The Allied Artists of America, Inc.  ~ Elected Member
The American Artists Professional League ~ Fellow
The National Sculpture Society ~ Elected Professional Member