8″ x 13″ x 8″
Limited Edition of 9 Bronze

Let Curt Tell You About It!

One of the things that Wendy and I love about living in the desert is all the animals we see whenever we are horse back. It is a joy to stop and watch the many birds, deer, bobcat and other creatures. One of the birds that we see constantly is the mourning dove. The sounds they make are a constant reminder of the beauty all around us, especially in the mornings as we ride out. They are sitting on the branches of palo verde trees singing their peaceful song. Seeing these doves all puffed up in the morning as the sun comes up inspired this piece.

We live in a world where there is constant turmoil and movement. We are always on the go. Not only that, but we face troubling times and peace seems to be more elusive. These doves remind us that there is peace we can have amidst the turmoil. In the Bible, the desert is a place of danger and the unknown. The dove is a symbol of peace, God’s peace, in the midst of turmoil. These are the things that inspired this piece. It is to remind us that no matter what is taking place in our lives, we need to stop and enjoy a peace that comes from knowing the Lord has it all under control.  Like the dove, we too can have “Peace In The Desert”.