20″ x  16 ¼” x 5”
Limited Edition of 9 Bronze

Let Curt tell you about this piece!


The West was a place of endless possibility and hope. It was a place of opportunity for anyone who had the drive and desire to build a better life. Thousands of people came across the rugged landscape and faced many dangers in order to create the opportunity to live lives of meaning and purpose. It was a unique time in our nations history. Families were uprooted from friends, family and community to pursue their dreams. It took strength, determination and a strong will. This piece is all about these qualities.

The woman presented in the piece is a wife and mother.  She and her husband have begun a new adventure as they seek to establish a ranch of their own, one to pass down to future generations. Part of making that dream a reality meant that she and her husband had extended periods of separation. He had to take cattle down the trail to the rail heads where they would be transported east. There were trips to town for supplies. She and her family often went together, but this was not always possible. Not only that, they had to be vigilant against the constant danger of both Indian raids and rustlers. Additionally there was the possibility of death from a variety of sources. Many women were left with a ranch to run due to their husbands passing.  This was not a place for the faint of heart!

The woman in this piece has all of the qualities necessary for her calling. She is going out to check the cattle and is going prepared for anything. She is dressed in the skirt, top and shoes she wears around the house. She had to be both a homemaker and a watcher of the range! 

Her saddle is a typical Sam Stag rig, common in Texas and the surrounding states and territories. She carries her rifle on the horn, slung in a loop of leather. Thus the rifle is ready for any need and the ride is comfortable. The rifle balances easily as the horse lopes along. Her pistol is also ready for any need and her horse is sure and true. This horse is tough and will be there the moment she needs him to chase a rustler or get out of a bad situation. As she spots something, or someone, of concern in the distance, there is not fear but a rugged confidence. She is used to dealing with these situations. The family she loves knows that in Dad’s absence, she is for them “Home Security”.