8½” x 6 ¼” x 3″
Limited Edition of 30 Bronze


Let Curt Tell You About The Piece!

     Those who saw the buffalo herds in the Old West commented on their massive size. When these herds break out into a run, the earth shook. It is amazing to consider herds so large that it took days for them to pass.  When the railroads were finally running in the West, these herds were so massive that they stopped the train for extended periods of time. Those on board had an up close and personal look at the king of the plains.

     Imagine being on horseback, at a full gallop, racing across a prairie dog pitted plain, in pursuit of one of these massive beasts.  Both the white man and red man knew the thrill and the danger of such a moment. Men who undertook this adventure had to be both brave and intelligent. The same can be said for the horses they rode. One false move could spell disaster. For the Indian, the buffalo played a critical part in their lives. They provided food, warm robes, hides for the teepee and a host of other things. The Indian ran large numbers of buffalo off the cliffs to kill them and then skin them and jerk the meat.   

     This piece reflects the importance of the buffalo to the Indian. The arrowhead was often used to hunt these giants. It was no small feat to take down a running buffalo with a bow and arrow. The tom tom was part of their celebration when they had a good hunt, hence the drum stick head which becomes the knocker. I love the character of the buffalo head. They are such sculptural animals! This is a piece that will be one of the first things people see when they come to your home. The door knocker provides a Western Welcome! One thing for sure, when your guest picks up the tom tom head and knocks on the bronze arrowhead, there will be no doubt, there is someone at the door. This piece is truly a “Thunder Maker”!