Image 11 ¾” x 5″
Framed 19 ¾” x 12 ¾”
Limited Edition of 20

Let Curt tell you about this piece!

I have a belief that is constantly re-enforced. Horses are much smarter than we will ever know. Over the years, I have heard people say “Boy, this horse is stupid!”. More often than not, the horse has out smarted the human and the human has run out of ideas!  It all comes down to the time we are willing to spend with a horse and our ability to understand him.  If we understand their language well enough to communicate and build trust with them, then there is nothing they will not try for you. A wonderful book that proves this point is titled “The Beautiful Jim Key”. It is the true story of a horse named Jim Key. He learned how to spell, add, subtract, make change from a cash register specially made for him. It was all about his owner spending time with him and learning how to teach him in a way that Jim Key understood.

That is the background for this piece. It is amazing to me that a horse can be taught to cut a cow, chase down a cow and put the rider in a position to rope that cow. The same goes for jumping horses, dressage horses, movie horses and draft horses. Whatever the event or the job the horse learns it and tries as hard as he can to do it.  Horses can learn to unlatch gates, get into feed rooms, grab the saddle pad off their back and run off with it! They can take down a wooden fence and walk out of their pasture, let their friends out of their stalls in the barn, so many tricks!

The expression on the horse depicted here shows he is clever. He has an attractive head, intelligent eye and ears that are forward. There is a hint of mischievousness. Everything about him says he has earned the name “Smarty Pants”.