11 ½” x 6 ½” x 6 ½”
Limited Edition 20

Let Curt Tell You About This Piece!

This is an unusual piece for me and it comes from a very unusual situation. The summer of 2021started like any other. We get up early pretty much year round. It is particularly important in the summer so we can ride the horses before the intense heat of the day. One morning that summer Wendy noticed a little cotton tail bunny hovering over a shallow divot in the ground next to Quinn’s turnout. Upon closer inspection, we saw three sets of little ears and there were three baby bunnies nursing from their mama! This was so exciting! When the bunny was finished nursing her babies, she covered them up and disappeared. You could not tell where those little ones were. During those hot summer weeks the mother bunny got very used to us being out there, right next to her.

She raised her babies and then started hanging out with us at the corner of the barn right next to where we saddled the horses. She was very at ease and stayed there until late morning, only to return the next morning. This went on all summer and it gave me an opportunity to observe her movements and actions. What a great model she was! After several months, toward the end of summer she disappeared. She had given me so much to think about. I just had to do this piece!

The gesture here is one that we saw her do often. She would be dozing in the shade and periodically sitting up to rub her eyes, first one, then the other. It was so much like us. After a good doze, it is habit to wake up and look around. The gesture is so typical of her, it is one of those pieces that looks great in any setting. It is a feel will good piece. After all, we can relate to waking up from a nap and feeling a bit like a “Sleep Head”.