25″ x  17 ¾” x 12″
Black Walnut Wood Base with swivel
Limited Edition of 9 Bronze

Let Curt tell you about this piece!

     The sculpture, although in the same genre, is a departure in composition from what I usually do. My work has always been driven by the love of horses and the relationship between the horse and man. Good horsemanship, as with anything worthwhile, is a life long endeavor. The horse can be so inspiring and so up lifting. A truly amazing relationship can develop between a good horseman and his horse. The horse is a reflection of his owner in so many ways. When the relationship has grown, the horseman feels as if all is possible with his horse. That is what drove me to create this piece.

     You will notice this is a very nice horse. I love his conformation, his expression as he is jumping. He is filled with the joy of life, loving the moment. There are two reliefs on the moon. The head of a horse is one of the most beautiful things ever created and I love capturing it. On the one side is a portrait of a happy, expressive horse, looking forward to what’s coming next. On the other side is a mustang, rearing out on the desert, loving his freedom. These horses were brought to the Americas by the Spanish. They have roamed here for hundreds of years, and while not native, have come to symbolize the West.  They are a combination of many different breeds and develop a hardiness and intelligence that is remarkable.

     This is a very unique piece that tells a story of joy and hope. The patina reminds me of night, the moon giving a blue glow. I believe people have so much potential, and all you have to do is find your passion and go after it. Like this happy horse shows us how he feels about life, “Over The Moon”. Find your passion and you to will be “Over The Moon”.