Let Curt tell you about this piece!

11 ½” x 13″ x 10″
Limited Edition of 20 Bronze

There’s a reason dogs are known as “man’s best friend”. They are so loyal, always happy to see you and ready to tackle any challenge that comes their way as long as they get to do it with you!  This was the inspiration for this piece. It is a timeless truth that a good dog will make any job easier, whether it is working cattle, guarding precious cargo, people or taking to the great outdoors on a hunt. Hunting dogs are a wonder to watch. Their owners take such pride in being a part of their training, seeing them come into all their full potential. Here we have a team, a mutual admiration society!

This cowboy comes from the mid-1920’s, one of my favorite eras in the history of the cowboy. The chaps and spurs he is wearing are typical of a cowboy from the Southwest. Here in the deserts and mountains of Arizona, New Mexico and Texas, the country is rough and requires protection from all the things that can poke and prod you as you travel through. His hat keeps the sun at bay, his rifle is ready for action when needed. These two have decided to take a break from their activities and this cowboy’s horse is not far away getting a little feed where he can find it. The dog is a Walker Coon Hound. These are amazing dogs and are used for hunting cougars in the Southwest.  A renegade cougar will kill a lot of cattle as they are easier prey than a deer or some of their natural diet. On this day, the cowboy and his dog have been out scouting but are happy that they have found no evidence of a cougar on their range. So before they head back home, they are simply enjoying each others company.

The expression of both man and dog show their fondness for each other. They have been down many a mile together and never tire of each other. After their break, he will mount up and he and his dog will make their way back. It has been a great day for these two “Huntin’ Buddies”!