19″ x 35½” x 20″
Limited Edition of 8 Bronze

I believe there is no more beautiful sight on the earth than the movement of a horse. Horses are wonderful animals to sculpt. They are so expressive. To capture them in their moments of grace thrills the heart of all who see them. We were driving north on I-25 going to Santa Fe one spring. To the side of the road, off in the distance, there was a herd of horses running full out across the open country. What a moving sight.

This piece is about a couple of ranch geldings that have found a hole in the fence, and are escaping their pasture for a new adventure. You will notice the character differences in the two. The lead pony is raw boned, common headed, one of those that loves to get into trouble, and likes company while he’s at it. For some reason, it is these knot heads that tend to lead the way to trouble. The second horse is pretty, very pretty. He is well built, has a great head and neck, just the kind you love to ride. He doesn’t know where he’s going, but he’s sure happy to be along for the fun. The piece of broken fence post, as well as the old weathered wagon wheel tell the story. These two are bolting from behind the fence, they are “Free”.