16 ¼”  x  18 ¼” x 7”
Limited Edition of 20 Bronze

Let Curt Tell You About It!

If you’re a working cowboy there is always something to do on the ranch. Time off is a rare premium. Off time is often spent mending your saddle, doing laundry, perhaps braiding a new reata or making some new spur straps. The options are endless. So often these ranches are hours from town and the choices of what to do with your time off are very limited. However, a cowboy never gets tired of being outdoors and enjoying the wonders around him.  It is a time for a cowboy to relax and enjoy nature. How good is that!

Here our story begins. Often a cowboy lives in country filled with streams brimming with trout. It’s time to take advantage of good sport and good eating! This is exactly what our cowboy is doing. The piece is set in the early teen’s and twenties. Fly fishing was very popular then and that popularity has grown right up to today. One of the simple pleasures of ranch life is to fish streams that other people can’t access. There are more fish to catch and a better chance to enjoy the sights and sounds. There is also the thrill of developing the skill to use the right fly, at the right time, in the right place. 

This cowboy is really looking forward to getting to his special spot. You can tell by his smile that he can’t wait to get there! He and his horse are happy. These horses work as hard as the cowboys. Getting to a place where he can spend the day grazing green grass, that’s the best! 

The fly rod and creel are from the early twenties. This cowboy has his waders tied to the back of his saddle. The saddle and chaps are made by R.T. Frazier, a saddle shop that was in Pueblo, Colorado. He’s wearing a simple drop shank spur with a two inch rowel.  

No matter how much you love what you do, its always nice to get away for a little break and indulge in an activity you enjoy. This cowboy has the best of all worlds. He has a job he loves and a place to pursue his passion for fly fishing. Both the cowboy and his horse are very happy. Both look forward to when they get a “Boys Day Off”.