25 ¼” x 14″ x 8″
Limited Edition of 9 Bronze
Oval walnut wood base

Let Curt Tell You About It!

One of the things you always hear about Arizona is “Well, it’s a dry heat”.  Although things sure change when Monsoon season hits!! The of a cowboy in Arizona is often a life of extremes. The winters can be colder than many imagine, the summers are always hot. No matter the weather, a cowboy still has to get horseback and do his job. That means in the summer time, get out there early, get the work done get back before the afternoon heat sets in. Even the mornings can be intensely hot and both man and animal need a break. In this desert, you take your comforts where you find them. 

Such is the reality behind this piece. The puncher is a contemporary cowboy as found on any of the ranches here in Arizona. He’s out checkin’ cattle, with his good dog and they’ve covered some ground. Looking after cattle requires a lot of climbing hills and mountains, all covered with rocks, cactus and trees that poke and prod you all day. 

This experienced punchers knows exactly what he is in for and wouldn’t have it any other way. His big smile on tells it all. He has paused to give both his horse and dog a break in the only shade that he could find, one of the numerous Saguaro Cactus that are a trademark of Arizona. 

He’s riding a colt he has started, you can tell by the snaffle bit that is in the colt’s mouth. Young horses need a lot of training miles before they become good solid partners. Being able to take a good colt and check cattle is a perfect time to train. His saddle is a Will James tree. These are one of the most popular type of saddles in Arizona and well suited for this rough country. It is nothing fancy but plenty good for long hours on horseback.. He has Bull Nose Tapaderos over his stirrups to protect his boots. His rope ready strapped to his saddle. His dog has found a nice shady spot so he can look out over the desert and enjoy the view. 

I love the design of the piece, see the negative space under the cactus, the nice darks through out that move your eye over the piece. It’s a very happy piece. Man, horse and dog are just so happy to live such a life.  The work is hard, the days are hot and sometimes too long. In the midst of it all, there is the relief you can find under an “Arizona Shade Tree”.